Are You Listening?

Boy tired at the Fair

Do you have a social media plan for your business?  Start simply … but start.

Use Google Alerts and set up some basic searches for your business.  Include your town, the name of your business, the products (or product lines) you sell.  You’ll be surprised at the things you’ll find that people are saying about you!

Choose a social platform or two to be involved in.  Do your research, where are your customers going?  Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Tumbler, Google+ and Twitter are some of the most common ones.  Remember, if you participate in these platforms, be sure to be consistent and take part as often as you can.  There’s nothing worse than setting up an account, doing a day or two of conversation, then dropping off the face of the planet.

Build content.  Continue to write, write and write.  People need to hear/read/see your content about 8 times before it registers.  Use your information in your newsletters wisely – spread it around the internet!  You can use information from your blog posts also.

Pay attention.  People are talking, are you listening?

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