Angels All Around Us

Samantha is a beautiful dog. She is part lab and part cocker (we think). Samantha is also very sick. Let me tell you her story.

Samantha’s owner is not a nice person. It’s not that she beat Sammie – she just didn’t pay her any attention. She let her nails grow too long and she didn’t give Sammie baths. It also looks like she didn’t feed her too much. Samantha’s owner lives just around the corner from Erin, and she is a ‘goth girl’. Her boyfriend overdosed a couple of months ago on heroin (and died) and we are pretty sure she’s got that problem too. So her main interest is not in her dog – it is in the drug she is addicted too.

Wednesday night around 8 p.m. Samantha’s owner opened the front door of her building and Samantha was let out. Amy was out walking her dog Phoebe and she saw this transpire. Samantha walked around the corner and sat down in front of Erin and Amy’s building. You see, this is a rather unique apartment building on the North side of Chicago. First of all, they allow dogs and cats in the building. Second of all, the majority of the animals in the building are rescued animals. Samantha must have had the idea that she would be safe in front of that building.

Amy watched the dog for a couple of hours – and she noticed no one was coming to get Samantha. Finally, Amy called the police. The police were kind, but unfortunately, there was nothing they could do. They did say if she stayed there, they would call Animal Control in the morning (they work from 8 to 4). If they did that, Animal Control would euthanize the dog immediately.

By this time, many of the pet owners in the building were outside. A plan had to be made! There was no way this lovely dog would be abandoned to only be killed the next day. Amy sent her dog Phoebe (a golden retriever) on a sleepover with Fez (a New Foundland). Amy then took Samantha home with her. Another resident donated a crate for Samantha to sleep in. Food was also donated and Sammie ate 3 bowls of food immediately, poor thing was starving!

The next day Erin went to Samantha’s building and spoke to the caretaker. He told her that Samantha probably is goth girls dog – but that goth girl had thrown away all of Sammie’s bowls the night before. Erin took Sammie over to Scrub your Pup at 2935 North Clark St in Chicago. They bathed her, paid extra special attention to her and made her feel loved. Scrub Your Pup also donated a portion of the care they gave to Sammie. They also pointed out to Erin that Sammie’s paw was infected and that she had an ear infection, most likely.

That night Sammie spent the night with Amy again. Just so happens that Amy’s brother is in town and staying with her. He’s in medical school and he looked at Sammie’s paw really good. He also declared that she really needed help, her paw was probably infected.
Erin was at Doggy Style Pet Shop at 2023 West Division telling them Sammie’s story. They donated one month’s worth of dry dog food, just told Erin here you go and they loaded it up in her car!
Erin went home and contacted PAWS (Pets Are Worth Saving) – a volunteer organization that she is involved with. They told her to contact Family Pet Animal Hospital, Dr. Rae Ann Van Pelt. Erin is a foster home for PAWS and takes in very sick cats. She knew Dr. Rae Ann well. An appointment was made for Saturday morning.
Family Pet Animal Hospital has a Needy Animal Fund. It is through generous donations that this account is funded. There is not enough money in the fund to take care of Samantha. She will need stronger antibiotics, she may lose her paw and she has a really bad ear infection. Samantha will also need a home. There is work to be done and your help is needed! Why not be one of the many angels that have come to take care of Samantha?

Please send donations for Samantha’s care to:
Needy Animal Fund
Family Pet Animal Hospital
1401 West Webster Ave
Chicago, IL 60614
You can also contact Erin Criss for updates on Samantha, or if you have questions. Her number is 773-296-1781 and her email is
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