About Me: Longer is sometimes better

deb pop artI’m told its important to write an about me page. I get that. And I did that. I gave out a little information and frankly, I don’t know what kind of difference it made. You see, I’m under the impression that social media is, well, social. A five sentence paragraph doesn’t really tell me about anyone.  I wrote this post two years ago — amazing how much things have changed!  Here’s the longer version of the about me page.  Hope you see something you like – and sparks a conversation.
My folks live out here in Iowa – and are older and need me around. I run errands, interpret legal paperwork, give advice (sometimes even wanted advice) and take them to doctors appointments.  My dad is in the nursing home now with Alzheimers – and that is a story for another day. I have the kind of job that allows me flexibility to help my parents. I can do my job anywhere – which means I get to Chicago a lot to see my kids and grandkids. I am a marketing executive for Melaleuca. I set up accounts for everyday people like you and me. Now don’t jump to conclusions – I don’t have a garage full of products I’m trying to sell. I don’t collect money. I don’t send bills. I don’t deliver products. There are businesses out there like that, some good – some not so good.My company makes over 400 non-toxic products for your health and home. My job is to introduce people to the company, show them how to simply switch stores and save time and money. Not hard, and definitely rewarding. I believe in Green, and this is just another simple green way to change your life.
I’m entrenched in social media. I speak at conferences, I teach at local community colleges, I work with small businesses.  It’s interesting to me that small towns have been doing social media for a long time.  We just haven’t always done it online.  It’s fun for me and my company Debworks to show people the advantages of using these new marketing tools.
I am the editor for Franklin County Today. Bi-weekly newsletter in Franklin County Iowa. I track all the events in the county for our calendar. I interview local businesses. I interview people who can support our local businesses.  Since my friend Keri and I started this paper, we have turned it over to the Hampton Area Chamber of Commerce.  I am the editor and am training others how to write for this paper.
I hand write letters, notes and cards and mail them. To friends, family, people I meet.. I believe in the power of the written word. I like to receive a hand written note and I like to send them. I look for old cards and note pads at yard sales, consignment stores, Goodwill and Salvation Army.  I also love it when people send me notes!
I read a lot. I get a lot of great books from my local independent bookstore! I love reading historical fiction to relax. Check out any book by Diana Gabaldon. I also like books written for women going through a change in life. Elizabeth Berg is a particularly great author. I like the entire Conversations with God series by Neal Donald Walsh. Dan Millman will always be a favorite author. Then there’s Dean Koontz – his latest I read was The Darkest Evening of the Year – if you have a dog, read that book. Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life by Barbara Kingsolver ought to be required reading for every American.
I am a local history buff. I have a lot to learn. I am a supporter of the Franklin County Historical Society. I am actively involved with The Old Stone House here in Geneva. It was built in 1854 and was the first stone house between middle Iowa and the Mississippi River. Leander Reeves built it for his wife, she moved into the house, lived there 3 years and went back to Ohio. I wrote a grant to repair the outside – and am constantly learning of new places to get grants.
I absolutely love to travel. If I could, I’d live somewhere different every month. I’m a traveler – not a tourist. I believe you have to stay somewhere at least 3 weeks and interact with the locals. Be a part of the community. I’ve been to my favorite Greek Island – Antiparos – three times. Greece was probably my home is a previous lifetime – I love it so much. I’ve been to Scotland, Rome, and London. My next short trip (just 2 weeks) will be to Paris. I hope to get there this summer.
I spend hours and hours each day online. I love twitter and have found many avenues of interest from other people putting up links to visit. I’m learning how to use the internet both for my business and for my writing.
I don’t really like winter. If it would stay around 30-40 degrees I’d be okay. But it doesn’t. And it snows, a lot, here in Iowa. As a kid I liked winter just fine. We sledded, played in the snow, chased the dog – we were always outside. Maybe once I’m in better shape (physically and financially) I’ll like winter better. I’ll let you know.
I believe in the Golden Rule. I think you should have a driving desire to help others – it makes your own life so much larger when you do.

There’s a lot more I could write about – music, friends, family, dreams. Why not get to know me a little better and we will talk more?
Websites: How toxic is your home? Interested in working from home? My introduction to social media came from Chris.
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