A Story, A Prayer and A Miracle

It’s the season of Miracles and of giving. The post today will be about both. I apologize for no pictures — blogger and my computer are too slow this week.

A Story
I have a 4 year old great nephew and a 2 year old great niece. Christmas is a big deal to them. Stevie is in the Christmas pageant at church (S is for the smiles we share – his one line). They know they get presents to help celebrate Christ’s birthday. My sister in law (their grandma) is having a tough year. She was laid off one job, my brother is laid off for Christmas (3 weeks, some present huh?). They can’t afford to buy presents this year. Her eczema is flaring up very bad. Her fingers look like she’s been burned. It’s all stress causing it. Her heart is breaking because she can’t buy presents for her grand kids.

I was a a client’s house today helping them shop and place their order. The daughter asked me what was wrong with Judy’s hands, wasn’t she using her products? I answered her and explained it is all stress caused by the dilemma of no money. Both her and her mother said in unison “WAIT A MINUTE! We’ve got something for you.” They went upstairs and returned with 2 stuffed animals, 1 paint kit for little kids, and 3 John Deere tractors — all brand new. They told me they were waiting for just the perfect family to give these too. I was in tears – and more than happy to deliver them to my sister in law.

Much like where baby Jesus was born – not what you would consider an ideal situation, but certainly perfect for what was needed. God provides.

A Prayer
I hit a deer a couple of weeks ago and managed to really hurt my back in the process. Each day has gotten worse. I can’t sleep, walk, sit down – without pain. Last night I was very afraid that I had fractured my hip – the pain was like that (or so I imagined). I called my friend Marybeth to let her know I’d be seeing the doctor today and could not keep our networking appointment. She prayed, out loud, right on the phone with me listening. She thanked God, praised him and asked for his intervention on my behalf. It felt a little strange for someone to pray over me on the phone like that.

I went to the doctor this morning. I have a pinched never in my S2 spot in my lower back. A little steroid, pain pills and muscle relaxers and I’ll be like new in a couple of weeks. In time for Christmas. I believe that prayer worked!

A Miracle
My friend Keri’s best friend is Lavonne. She has had cancer of the blood for sometime, and was told last month she would live 13 months. She has been through the wringer – and just finished another round of chemo. Yet she walks, talks and hangs out with her friends. Her friends and family have undertaken an aggressive prayer campaign for her this last month. Keri is taking her to New Mexico for the first two weeks on January. Lavonne had to get permission from the doctors to travel. They did blood tests to see what her levels were.

The doctors called her Tuesday. ALL of her blood levels came back normal. Not normal for a cancer patient. Normal for ANY PATIENT.

That’s a miracle in my book.

It’s Christmas. Are you looking around you for stories, prayers and miracles? Give it a try. I bet you’ll find some…..

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