6 Things: Gift for the Geek

Happy Gift Unwrapping!
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I have a folder in my email called “Business Tips”.

When I get a email, usually from a list serve or someone I subscribe to, that I like and think I could use it later, I put it in this folder.

My gift to you this year, is to share some of those business tips and links.

Top 5 Ways to Market Your Business Using LinkedIn

Social Media Cheat Sheet

Seth Godin April Linchpin Session

Barcodes as Mobile Shortcuts

Turn any webpage into a PDF

Don’t Just Read a Business Book, Digest it

That’s six places to find great information.  Now, if you’re really serious about growing your business and using social media, there are a couple of blogs you need to subscribe to.

Drews Marketing Minute

Webdancers Blog

Brass Tack Thinking

Seth Godin

Small Biz Survival

Art of Non-Conformity

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