140ConfDM – Early Birds Flying out the door

The 140 Character Conference is coming to Des Moines on May 9.  Folks, this is a big deal.  It’s an opportunity for Iowa to shine and show off some of our best and brightest.  Early bird ticket prices end March 31st – visit and get yours now.  There are only 200 tickets available – and they are going fast.

You can follow along on Facebook and Twitter and catch all the updates as they come out.

Twitter: #140confDM

Speakers (so far): Gus Wagner, Claire Celsi,       Bridget Wagoner,       Grant Griffiths,       Shawn Mullen,       Deron Durflinger, Shannon Miller and John Carver,       Karen Smith,       Ori Bengal,       Keri Holmes and Judy Wrolson,       Patrick Palmer,       Jody Halsted,       David Murray,       Lyz Lenz,       Shannon Latham,       Joe Cheray,       Nathan Wright,       Deb Brown,       Drew McClellan,       Cassie Boorn,       Ryan Johnson,       Angela Maiers,       Lindsey Smith,       Michael Libbie

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