12 Clutter Clues to your Unhappiness

ClutterNancilee Wydra, feng shui author suggest that the clutter:

  1. At the entrance of your home represents fear of relationships
  2. Inside a closet represents an unwillingness to examine emotions
  3. In the kitchen represents resentment or being overwhelmed by caretaking
  4. Next to a bed represents desire for change or escape
  5. On a desk represents frustration or fear of letting go of control
  6. In a corner behind a door represents detachment from others
  7. Under a piece of furniture represents importance of appearances
  8. Under the house represents procrastination
  9. In storage area represents living in the past
  10. In the garage represents inability to actualize
  11. Filing cabinets represents resentment of job situation
  12. All over represents anger and self hatred.

I love feng shui books, they are always so hopeful.  I was reading Feng Shui  Immunity on my Kindle and came across the above.  It stopped me dead in my tracks.

This is the time of the year people think about what next year is going to be like.  So I thought of clearing out the clutter would be a good start.  I have one closed door room that needs to be cleared out.  Old files in the filing cabinets can be burned.  Old electronics that no one even uses anymore taken to the recycle center.  Books to be given away.  Clothes that don’t fit, and haven’t fit in decades to be donated.  Then there’s my front porch that has become a home to homeless furniture.  Hmm … guess I have a project for this weekend!

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