Why shop local?

Why shop local? The most obvious reason is to keep dollars in your local community. Your shopping can help keep someone else’s business stay open. I live in a county of just over 10,000 people. Our local stores here are having a hard go of it. Wal-Mart has painted the image that their products are cheaper, better – and they have more of them. Do the math. How much are you spending on gas to get to and from the store? How much is your time worth? How much extra do you spend once you get there? Where are their products made (are you supporting Chinese economy or American economy)?

Next time you buy a book online, buy it from The Kaleidoscope at Free shipping anywhere in the continental USA.This is a local brick and mortar store in my community. So next time you go to order from Amazon (who does not pay state taxes) – shop from an independent book store! I get much better customer service from my local independent bookstore, who, by the way, spends the money she earns right here in my community!

Where do you buy your spices? Remember Watkins? Only the freshest and best spices on the market. My local Watkins woman is Denise Passehl.You can find her at 140 years in business in Winona, Minnesota.

Then there’s my business, which you will read more about in the days to come. I set up accounts for an Idaho Falls Idaho company. They have over 400 products for your home and your health. Cleaning products, supplements, beauty, over the counter pharmeceuticals, and bath and body. Made in the U.S., non-toxic, less expensive that store brand, effective and delivered to your door. You are already buying most of these products somewhere! Let me be clear – I do NOT sell products. My job is to introduce you to the company, set up your account, and be your shopping coach for as longas you need me. is a good place to start – see where you might have toxins in your home!

Patrick Palmer is my computer guy. If I need help cleaning out the junk, or setting up routers and servers – I call Patrick. He also can access your computer remotely and repair it, if possible. He’s honest, and good at his craft – and affordable.

I’ve just highlighted four different businesses – three are brick and mortar along with online, and one is mostly online/onphone. All are small, entrepeneurial businesses located in the county I live in. You could buy books at Amazon, spices at Krogers, cleaners and vitamins at Wal-Mart, and use geek squad for computer help. But why would you?

Isn’t customer service what you really want? If the price is better (or lower), if you save money on gas and time, if you can put a name and face with your account, if you can actually call someone and know you’ll get help – why wouldn’t you?

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