Why pay for a speaker?

I often get asked “why should we pay for you to come? Our mayor (or business owner or local politician) will do it free.” Let me answer that for you.
  • Keynote speakers should be considered an investment in your event and community. They will provide a great experience and your attendees – which should be important to you.
  • Keynote speakers, particularly ones that bring hands on approaches to your particular needs, bring more people to your event. Are you trying to build your chamber? Make the event open to the public and charge more for non-chamber members.
  • With me it’s more than just popping in to give a talk, and leaving. I want to visit your businesses, take lots of pictures, write articles about what I’ve seen and share it with my readers. I talk about possibility and things that work. Those are the stories I’ll pull out of your community. I’ll also promote it on my social media channels (@debworks on twitter,, @DebrainIowa on instagram) and continue to talk about it online after the event.
  • If your community responds to the presentation, the postings and the visits – isn’t that worth every penny you invested? I think so.
  • There’s the Jesus Syndrome. There are no experts in your town, you have to travel at least 40 miles before you find one. Remember when Jesus was in his own town, and no one thought he knew what he was talking about? Yeah, that.
Finally – remember, you get what you pay for!
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