Why oh why can’t I?

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I’m a network marketer. One of the first things you learn in any network marketing business is that you have to have a why.

Why are you doing this?

Why do you want to earn an income this way?

Most of us have written out our why and then rehearsed and then memorized it and then pull it out when we need it.

I learned today that that is not the way to use your why.

Here’s how I was speaking my why:
“IlivedinNorthCarolinaand mydadhadaheartattackandI madeadealwithGodI’dcomehomeifhelived.Thisbusinessletsmeworkfromhomeand takecareofmyfolkswhereverIam.”

Yeah, one breath – quickly said and not even my why anymore!

Today I hung out with someone I just met and talked about what I do. I found myself getting excited about having green, safer products in my home. I talked with my hands and spoke about how the vitamins were so good my triglycerides dropped 50 points! I was ranting about bleach and how it’s an awful byproduct of chemical warfare experiments from the Second World War. I showed Earl just how easy and rewarding it is to shop for safer, greener products. And he got it.

I did not mention North Carolina, or heart attacks or making a deal with God. That story is true, by the way – it’s no longer a story I tell with any passion.

And you gotta have passion to be a network marketer!

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