Where do you stand?

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I stand on the side of transparency. Let me just get that out of the way early in this conversation.

This story starts with two people having a discussion about social media and how much information should you reveal.  One of the things I do is set up accounts for a company, and I get paid referral fees to do that.  It’s not multi level marketing – but it is consumer direct marketing.  I’m building a team and also helping people get safer, greener products into their homes.

I use social media in that aspect of Debworks.  I don’t use social media to look for leads or to recruit people. I’m of the school of thought that social media is an opportunity to have a great conversation with someone you may never have met in your community.  I also use social media to talk to my team, perform follow up, share information and expand my mind.

I’m pretty open – just look at my facebook account: If you ask to be my friend, I’ll look at your info and more than likely, will friend you.  On twitter – if you have a profile that includes your picture and shows that you follow people and they follow you – I’m following you too.

My friend – has a different outlook. She feels that privacy is very important. You won’t see pictures of her online.  Her friends on facebook are much fewer than mine.  There is no personal information about her on her account.  She also works in the same industry I do.  In our industry, there are some unethical people. They are with other companies and have developed a new trick for recruiting.  They go on facebook and search for people like me.  Someone with lots of  friends – then they attempt to become a part of my circle and infiltrate my friends lists.  From there – they recruit the people I know for their business.  Or they try to.

What these people don’t know about me is that my circle of friends tend to be like me. They ask a lot of questions, don’t automatically trust you just because you say you’re my friend, and are pretty loyal.  They are friends.  Those that are not close friends certainly know exactly where I stand.  That’s because I’m pretty transparent.  I’ve also spent some time and built a relationship – and continue to build it.

Have I gotten new customers through social media? A couple.  I have kept customers through social media though.  I’ve also made friends with others in my industry and that has strengthened my position in what I do.  I’ve learned a lot about myself as well.  I am very clear about some of the things I like to do.  I’ve created my company Debworks – and continue to grow with it.  Social media has helped me create a path for my future.

Yeah – I’m transparent.  It works for me.

What works for you?

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