What I’ve Learned About Social Media

What I’ve Learned About Social Media
Determine what Web 2.0 means.  Let’s back up – Web 1.0 was basically providing information for your reader.  Bump that up and what do you have?  Having a conversation with your reader!  Do you do that?  Does your blog and/or website make the reader feel he/she has input?  Or are you just providing information? 
You’ve got to find a few things that work for you.  Get good at them.  Then get better.  I’m working on blogging, twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.    What Social Media tools are working for you, and why? 
Don’t get sucked in.  It’s like quicksand out there!  When I first started on Twitter, a week went by and I realized I was spending 8 hours a day on Twitter!  I had to take better control of my time.
Keep doing what has been working for you.  Most of us still have bills to pay, and we need to keep making the money we make.  Gary Vaynerchuk said it best for me when he said: go to work, come home and eat and play with the kids, then work from 7 pm to 2 am.  You want the bling?  IT’S CALLED WORK!  (I’m so paraphrasing here … you can see it at
Put what you’ve learned into practice.  Take part in a tweet up (@shawnacoronado, @danielcline and I have had mini tweetups).  Ask questions.  Teach others.  And continue to have a conversation …. you might be surprised where it takes you! 
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Happy Birthday Denise!  You’re still 6 months older than me!