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panel pieI’m working with two wonderful gentleman to get our panel for the SXSW conference panel accepted.  It requires that people vote.  The more votes, the better chance we have.  Please click RIGHT HERE to and vote – it’s a simple sign in and your help is really appreciated.

Resistance is Futile: Assimilating Local Marketing

Panel Members:  Deb Brown of Debworks, Scott Townsend of United Linen and Daniel Gordon of Samuel Gordon’s Jewelers

Description of Panel:

There are many sizes of local communities and we all live in one. But do we all belong to the community? This panel will explore different ways to REALLY get down and dirty where you live. It will show you have to build relationships locally and then take them to the next step and generate revenue/business for your company. Panel members will have real world actual business experience. These panel members know how to become a local expert in their fields. All of us are in traditional businesses, industry or culture and working against the mindset “we just do what we’ve always done”. Panel members have lived and worked in their communities and bring to the table expertise in various segments.

Volunteering, working with the local chamber, using traditional marketing methods alongside new marketing methods, the power of meeting in person and how to expand those relationships, helping others first and the power created from that simple strategy — these topics will be woven throughout the panel discussion. Audience participation will make this panel even more effective. The secret is in building relationships in local marketing. This panel will share their experiences and work with the audience to develop some tactics they can take home and utilize. This is not about social media tools – it’s about building relationships to build your business.

Questions the Panel will Answer:

  1. Why is it so important to my business to volunteer and be involved in local events?
  2. Is the chamber of commerce really important to my business’ growth and why?
  3. Do I really need to step away from my computer and meet people (and why)?
  4. What three things should I do first to build local relationships?
  5. What did the panel members do to overcome the concept that someone local can’t be an expert?


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