Three Words: 2016

Usually I have this post written in November.  Much has happened this year for me – most of it personally.  Thinking about how three words can direct the course and intention of my life in this year has not been at the top of my thinking list.

Yet.. yet, those three words and the idea of coming up with them keep floating to the top of the priority list like cream to the top of non-homogenized milk.  Most of my actions over the last several months have been like that – the important things keep rising to the top.   There’s the first word:


Rise up, rise and shine, keep moving up

For a long time now I’ve been in a position where I’ve needed to please too many people too much of the time.  It’s taxing.  Oh I like making people happy, and I love showing people how to see the good – don’t misunderstand.  However – now it’s time to stop worrying so much about what people think about me and my motivations for doing things.  I’m here to talk to the people who want to listen to me.  I’m here to make a difference and to contribute how I can.  I’m secure in who I am. There’s the second word:


Secure in who I am.  I’ve got this.  

I’ve been telling stories and connecting people for a long time.  It’s what I love to do. This year I aim to actively pursue more visits to small towns, share stories of successful ventures, and connect more people.  I think we can all be links to each other.  Oh joy – another word!  Link!


We are all connected, linked together. 


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  2. deb on January 3, 2016 at 5:41 pm

    thanks Jonya – I like your words.