The Lost Art of Mixing: A Review

Erica Bauermeister wrote a book entitled The School of Essential Ingredients that shared the story of strangers connecting and cooking food.  I wasn’t sure she could write a follow up to that book.  But she has — The Lost Art of Mixing.  

Lillian, the restaurant owner, mixes up the lives all the characters in the story, including her own.  She weaves their individual stories into a pattern that we finally see at the end of the book.  You want to love Al and hate Louise, you’ll tell Chloe to get over herself and find out the real story and tell Finnigan to open his mouth and share his tale.

The Lost Art of Mixing is the book you take when you go to the beach to hear the surf.  Or when we have a cup of coffee on the couch cuddled under a blanket, absorbed into the story of other peoples lives.  It’s not rocket science or a deep mystery – but simply a story that settles into your heart and you’ll find yourself wondering how your own life fits into this tale.

Bauermeister is a writer who knows how to tell a story, in bits and pieces that meld together to create a beautiful finished product.  I’m happier for having read this book.

I was given the uncorrected proof to read by a bookstore owner friend.  This book is due out in January.  I was not paid for this review, nor will I keep the book.  I just like to write reviews and read good books. 


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