Teach and you will Learn

It’s important to keep learning.  That’s why I like teaching so much.

Tonight I have a Creating Facebook Fan Pages class I’m teaching at Hampton NIACC.  Facebook is pretty good at updating their information and my old PowerPoint presentation from 6 months ago needed updating.  Off I went to Google to do a little research.

One of the most exciting things I love that is relatively new (at least to me) are infographics.  Different people are just great at taking statistics and creating an interesting visual with it.,, are just a few of those.  Merlene Paynter was having a great conversation about listening (or not listening) to podcasts.  Here’s a response she sent to me on Facebook.

Merlene Paynter Deb – I’m definitely more visual – I prefer text (books, etc.) above all else but images/video is next and audio is dead last for me. It’s funny though, my daughter (21 now) is opposite. She’d rather a prof stand up and bla bla bla all day than having to read. She finds she absorbs audio information really easily but written information is a lot harder for her – taking her at least 3x as long to absorb. My sons (16) just seems to absorb information thru osmosis LOL

So it’s important to learn how people like to learn!  I’ve updated my presentation, and have attempted to appeal to most learning styles.

Classes are listed here:

And always, Mashable you rock!