Sunday Update: Vacation

11806647_10206466784765078_761885279_oI’m on vacation.

Friday I wandered three airports and got in 10,000 steps.

Saturday I played in the pool at Tanglewood, NC — great park too.  Hung out in the lazy river.

Today we are driving to Philly and hanging out with Gigi and her kids.

Tuesday we are walking the boardwalk all day. Pretty sure we’ll hit 10,000 steps without a problem.

Wednesday and Thursday we are walking NYC.  Again – 10,000 no problem.

Friday – we’ll be wandering battlefields in Virginia.

Saturday – just chillin’.

Me, my girl Lisa and two 10 year old boys — for a week on the East Coast.

Not even thinking about dieting, exercise, better eating … but working it all in any way.

Later gators!

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