Sunday Update: Selfish?

2015-03-18c What do I do for self-care -- index card #self-care #happiness #comfortThings are getting better.  Slowly.  This week has been a week of getting healthier and looking at being kinder to myself.

Because if I don’t be kind to myself first, I can’t possibly be kind to anyone else nor expect anyone to be kind to me.  After years of being the caretaker I’ve finally realized caretaking must start with me first.  It’s not selfish (being concerned with oneself over everyone else).  It’s important to take care of yourself, to be kind to yourself, to put yourself first.

One of my lovely misfits is branching out in her business and providing virtual self care mentoring.  I’ve taken her up on the offer and we begin this evening.  Randi Kay* says

Self Care is a way of life. It’s not just a massage and a bubble bath. It’s establishing a deep relationship with yourself that enables you to tune in anytime, anywhere to hear what you need. Then, from that space, you can act and react accordingly. You can develop daily rituals that serve as a home base for tuning in, and you can use those discovered tools from your practice to bring self care into every area of your life. 

I’m seriously excited about creating rituals and process that favor me and bring me back to who I am.  I’ll keep you updated on the journey!


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