Sunday Update: Responsibility

ER NursesI didn’t update last week.  I was too busy getting sick.

Update first: I’ve lost 5 pounds.  It was all smooth sailing until Sunday.  (more on that coming)  I’m using the new metabolic products from Melaleuca and am thrilled with the results.  If you’re looking for vitamins and products that work, shoot me an email.  We will talk.

Okay  —  being sick.  Monday night I spent the entire night throwing up and experiencing severe diarrhea. I couldn’t work Tuesday and ended up in the ER Tuesday night.  After being filled with fluids, given medicine for nausea and told they weren’t sure what was wrong, I went home.  I definitely had a stomach infection because my white blood cell count was so high.  But it could be viral, bacterial or food poisoning — or a reaction to the antibiotics my Dr. had me on for sinus/ear infection.  They are growing a culture and will let me know.

All week I’ve felt like crap, am eating lightly and thinking.

Since when did I decide that my health was totally in the hands of a Dr.?  I had fallen into the trap of thinking a Dr. was a god and knew everything.  They don’t.  It’s up to me to be responsible for my own health.  Do research, figure out what my body needs to survive and thrive, try alternative methods – be active in rebuilding my body, and not trusting it to modern medicine alone.

Now I believe modern medicine is a wonderful thing – many, many lives have been saved.  I also believe I have an important role to play in the care and upkeep of my health – and I haven’t been doing it.  So let’s begin this quest – what can I do to support me?  I’m not content to rely on pills to treat symptoms.  I want to get to the cause of things, find what works for me, and be the hero of my own life. 

You can bet there will be more coming about this quest for wellness in future posts!

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