Sunday Update: New Trainer

Thanks to the Freeman Journal for this image!

Thanks to the Freeman Journal for this image!

I’ve started working with Leah Feltz, from on Thursday.  That’s her weight lifting class from 6:15 to 7:15 pm at Fuller Hall.  I made the decision to workout in the evening, because of a change in my schedule.  I’m staying up later working on my book and getting up at 5:30 am just didn’t make sense.  As much as I love Randy and his workouts, the timing didn’t work for me.

As a Chamber director, I try my best to support my Chamber members.  After discussion with Leah, she is joining the Chamber and is now my new workout coach! There were five women who came to the class including Leah – and we all worked out for one minute at different stations.  TRX like pushups, step ups and squats on a bench, 15 pound bar lift with squats, dead lift, 15 pound sitting lift, straight lifts up and sides, ball sit ups, flat back bent knee toe touches – one minute each for three rounds.  We stretched first and after and took very short water breaks when needed.

I was sweaty and sore when I went home.  Slept like a champ all night!  By Saturday I could hardly move — I used muscles I haven’t used since September.  Tuesday I have a one on one training with Leah, and frankly, I’m a little scared.  Well . not really .. but I know there will be no slacking.  I also purchased gravity trainer (like TRX) that I will be using at least once a week at home along with some yoga.  Leah is going to work with me at home so we can set up some extra training on my own.

Friday I met with a chamber member and mentioned that I was sore from working out.  He said he was really proud of me for keeping up the good work and taking care of myself.  There have been times I’ve considered giving up.  Yet because I post every Sunday, I just can’t give up.  And to know that people are cheering for me makes more difference than you know.

My friend Keri and I are discussing switching to the no sugar way of eating.  I’ve done a lot better, but I still am not where I want to be.  There’s something to be said for partnering up and taking on a challenge with a friend.  Look for more about this in the coming weeks.


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