Sunday Update: Exercise and Food

Elbow jointIt’s been ten days, two xrays, three doctors appointments and much googling since I fell on my arm.  The xrays say no broken bones.  The doctor said the bone is bruised, keep it iced, take the pain pills and let her know if it gets worse.

Dr. Google (come on, you all know him) says many things.  I’m going with the ice and pain pills as needed (at night before bed).  I’m also listening to what my friend Justin Levy says too – that baby steps taken toward improvement matter.  On that note, I’ve found two exercises for my left arm that I can do: static biceps and static triceps.  For the biceps put your arm at a 90 degree angle palm up; put your other hand on top of your hand and push up with the injured arm engaging the biceps.  Do this ten times at a strength you can stand before pain strikes.  Static triceps is similar: elbow at your side 90 degrees.  Palm should be facing inwards with your hand in a fist.  Push down against your other hand tightening your triceps.  Hold for 5 seconds and repeat ten times, as hard as you can without pain.

I started this process today.  I’ll do this for a week and start next week incorporating resistance bands into the mix.  It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s something!  Beats sitting on the couch thinking about the pain.

Now for food.  All this week I’ve slowed down on my consumption of junk and sweets.  On February 7 it was 8 years ago that I quit smoking (for the second time).  I was going to use that date to quit the sugar, but decided I needed another week to eliminate diet Mountain Dew and figure out a month’s worth of eating and cooking.  As much as I wish I could just fly by the seat of my pants, when it comes to food and changing eating patterns I do better by following a plan.  So the date to begin is February 18.  Now remember, I’m already cutting down so that date becomes workable for me (and falls during a pay period and no travel).

While at my last doctors visit that stupid scale said I had not lost any weight (nor gained).  More importantly, my clothes are telling me that.  Spring will find me stronger and ready for walking and biking.  I think I’m going to tell the doctors office that I refuse to get on the scale.  The damn thing just makes me mad and it’s not a good indicator of where I’ve been either.

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