SOBCon Action Points

SOBCon takes a blogger and if allowed, makes then extraordinary.  I will take that challenge on!  Today I’m writing just a little about four of the  presenters this year – and a few action points for me to take prior to the event while I get prepared.  (One of the steps in becoming extraordinary)
I will write about the other presenters next week.  SOBCon 2009  occurs over 3 days in May in Chicago.  The theme this year is the ROI of Relationships.  Remember, this is a business school for bloggers.  
The conference is designed to build solid action plans tailored to the attendee’s individual needs.  Speakers on the main day will present a 40 minute talk with a direct business application.  The attendee mastermind teams will work together for 40 minutes to establish action steps for that part of their business.  Through this process, attendees will compile and build a complete Business Action Plan by the end of the day.   

Julien Smith and Chris Brogan

Editors of Trust Agents – 

Julien is a podcaster and works with startups to build a trusted presence on the web and Chris is Mr. Social Media.  These two guys will show us six ways people develop influence on the web – and showing me how I can the same for my business. 
Action Point: working and setting a business plan – that can be analyzed, torn apart and rebuilt again.  Consider how I can build influence on the web, what are my strong points – where can I go with them.  
Christine Kane
Song writer, singer, Creativity Trainer for several small businesses – coaches artists to expand their business to the blogosphere.
Action Point: Hmm, how does music, creativity and artistic talent fit into my business?   Study and become familiar with some of her creative, conscious, courageous steps. 
Terry Starbucker  I am counting on Terry to work with us on personal development and leadership.
Action Point: what kind of leadership do I provide?  Is there room for other opinions?  Am I duplicatable? How does personal development fit into my blogging persona? 

I’m on the road for about 10 hours tomorrow — and that’s a good time to write, think, and evaluate. (No I’m not driving!)  If you’ve got ideas – I am all ears! 



  1. Terry Starbucker on March 1, 2009 at 10:53 pm

    Hi Deb! I will do my level best to answer your questions in Chicago – thanks for your encouragement and enthusiasm. Good travels!


  2. Deb Brown on March 2, 2009 at 3:07 am

    Thanks Terry, I’m looking forward to meeting you.