Small Biz Friday: Enchanted Acres

This is a knucklehead pumpkin

It’s that time of year.  Cool mornings just perfect for a walk or run.  We’re wearing longer sleeves and even a light jacket.  The heat coming up from the ground no longer burns our knees.

It’s Fall!

This year we have a new, local business in the county.  We’ve been graced with a little bit of magic, a place the kids are going to love – Enchanted Acres.  Even the name promises surprises and loveliness.  It’s a new pumpkin patch designed to delight and enthrall and this is the first year they are open.  Friday from 1 to 6, Saturday from 9 to 6 or Sunday from 1 to 6 find your way to the acres a few miles west of Sheffield, be sure to bring the kids.

Look! A ghost pumpkin!

You can pick your own pumpkins, find your way through a corn maze or simply enjoy watching the goats.  Opening day is September 22 and we’re looking forward to seeing the magic of Enchanted Acres.

“I’ve always wanted a pumpkin patch, a place where parents can bring their kids and enjoy playing while learning just a little too.  I’ve traveled all over the past several years visiting other pumpkin patches.  I’ve taken copious notes on what works and what doesn’t.  This won’t be the kind of pumpkin patch where you drive up, choose a few pumpkins, and leave.  We want you to leaving knowing your time here was well spent,” said Shannon Latham, owner.

Visit Enchanted Acres online and give their Facebook page a like – just click here.  Better yet, why not take a drive over to 1071 250th Street west of Sheffield one weekend soon and have a look for yourself?

Welcome to Small Biz Friday – where we feature a small, local business doing things in a smalltown kind of way.  Don’t be thrown by the word smalltown – it simply means they’ve learned how to develop relationships with their customers, take good care of them and treat them like family — it’s what we do in small towns. 


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