Once the door is open, where am I going?

Where does this door lead?

There’s some things you need to have a successful website.

Direction. Where are you taking us?  What paths do you want us to follow?  Is this a static website and we only need to come here once?  Or are you constantly writing, updating, drawing maps – creating a path for us to follow.

Goals.  Is there a purpose to your website?  What goals do you have?  Is it a goal to increase sales revenue?  Is it a goal to increase customers?

Descriptions. Explain things very clearly.  Write descriptions that make sense, that make me want to help you meet your goals.

Working links. Fix the broken links.  Thank to @sheilas my links on my home page now work.  She was the one who stepped up and said “fix them.  They don’t work.”

To this end, I’ll be tuning up my site.  I want to give you direction and a path to meander down.  I want you to become a customer.  I want you to know exactly why you’re here.

Creative Commons Image from Monica Arellano-Ongpin