Never Forget

We’re here in Iowa, in the middle of the United States.

Don’t think for even a minute that we didn’t feel the horror and shock of 9/11.  We too had friends that died, cried over the fireman and rescuers that got sick, cheered when George W. Bush led the country in this time of trouble.

We will never forget.

Shawn Dietz of Knights Entertainment produced this video.  He said

With the 10th Anniversary of 9/11 coming up I wanted to broadcast this video to as many people as possible because I feel that Pastors Jeff & April Fiet of the Dumont Reformed Church in Dumont, Iowa did a fantastic job with this song.
I’m just glad that they allowed me to have a small part in something they wrote with regards to what they were feeling in the wake of September 11th, and hope this video did the song justice, and may we never forget 9/11/01.
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