What Motivates You?

What motivates you?  

Most of us have jobs we get up to go to in the morning.  Winter weather is coming, and it’s getting harder to get out of the warm bed.  What thoughts make you get out of bed each day?

Some of us have second jobs.  What makes you go to that job after working all day at another job?

Some of us sit at the computer long into the night working after we’ve worked all day.  What keeps your butt in that seat?

I think a lot of people will say “we need the money to pay bills.”

I think a better answer would be “we need the money to maintain the lifestyle we are used to.”  Because really, you could live in a smaller place.  You could drive one older car.  You could give up going out to eat.  In fact, Dave Ramsey suggests you do just that if you want to save money and pay off bills.

I also think most people are not willing to give up those luxuries.  They’ve chosen things over everything else.  I’d even be willing to bet they don’t realize this is what they are doing.

I’m lucky – I do work I love.  I’m passionate about communications and using new technology.  I’m also smart enough to have a second income I create from the comfort of my small home.  It’s an income that is growing and one created out of helping others live a safer, healthier life.

It’s going to allow me time to pursue my passion, travel (to Greece among other places) and help my family.  For the past seven years, this second income has paid one of my bills every month.  I’m motivated to help others.  I’m motivated to follow my dreams.  I’m motivated to travel.

So I ask you again, what motivates you?


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