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Mobile Medical Examinations
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That was a very nice message you sent out regarding vascular screenings~~thanks for your time! Robyn

Thanks!!!!  It is wonderful; this is just another great reason why more businesses should be Chamber members!  Keep up the great work. Angela

Sometimes it’s about both the message and fulfilling the client’s needs.

There are vendors from outside the county (and the state) that go around and perform medical laboratory services.  They offer a low price and tout it as life saving and everyone needs it.  Scare tactics combined with affordability – often effective marketing.

We worked with our client, the local hospital, and determined that the tests were a good idea.  In fact, they have a radiology department that performs them three days a week by appointment – at a cost of $37 LESS than the outsiders were offering.  Not to mention – if you did get back bad results from the outside vendor, your local doctor would make you take the tests all over again.  They have no relationship with the vendor who gave you the first tests!

The client is a Chamber of Commerce member.  In our community of 10,000 residents there are close to 300 Chamber members.  Those are good numbers.  We determined that informing the Chamber members via email was a good idea.  We also posted it as a note on Facebook.  We received the above two comments right away.  This is the metric we look for because sometimes it’s just about fulfilling the client’s needs, sometimes it’s about the message – and today, it was about both.

Here’s what we said:

Shop Local – Shop Chamber

It has come to our attention there are several different organizations that travel the countryside offering health care screenings.   We suggest you visit chamber member Franklin General Hospital for these same tests. Why?

  • · It’s your friends and neighbors that work at the hospital.  It just makes sense to support the people who live in Franklin County.
  • · It’s more affordable to go to Franklin General Hospital.  There is a costs savings of $37 just for the tests.  Not to mention the cost of having to re-take all the tests with your primary care doctor.

A current pink flyer being distributed is advertising a Complete Wellness Package for only $139.   Our very own Franklin General Hospital offers Stroke and Vascular Screenings – the exact same tests -for a total of $102.

It’s just smart business to do business with the people you know. Please think twice about your health – and go to the provider who cares about you and your family.  Shop Local – Shop Chamber.

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