I’m Gone

Salt Lake cityI’m in Salt Lake City, right now. I’m here for a Melaleuca Convention.  Not just any convention – their 25th year anniversary of bringing wellness to the world.

I won’t be blogging this week.  I’ll be in workshops, listening to speakers, meeting old friends and making new ones.  I’ve made the decision to revitalize my Melaleuca business and attending convention is a great first step towards that goal.

Here’s a few blogs you may want to read, a website or two and an invitation to consider shopping for products that are safer, cheaper and work.  More on that next week…..

Take a Healthy Home Tour, see where you may have toxic chemicals in your home

CNN and dangerous chemicals

My blogging friends at the Des Moines Register (I’m there too)

Zen Habits

Seth Godin is a man who gets it

See you on Monday!

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