I Have This Notebook of Lists

So I have this notebook that sits to the left of my computer (I am left handed). I write down lists. Work lists. Blog lists. Political Lists. Home lists. This week lists. Next week lists. And I can’t turn the page until my lists are cleared up. Each list has something I have to do on it.

I just figured out today I can turn the page, if I blog about what is left on the lists! Hold on, I have a lot of lists and thoughts and want to put them into some form of cohesive order. I’ve numbered the lists (for northernchick, add her to your twitter list please). I’d really like to turn the page to a clean sheet. Nothing like starting out with a clean sheet.

Political List

1. Why does Obama keep talking about spreading the wealth? I have a friend who is transferring her hard earned money offshore – because she believes it will be taken from her. Why not read what he ACTUALLY said? Jake Tapper at ABC wrote about it here:

2. When does early voting stop? I called the Franklin County Auditors office: Monday November 3. You just need to call your own auditor’s office and find out the hours and location for early voting.

Newspaper List

I’m the editor of a local newspaper and write articles all the time (see the interview earlier with Chris Brogan – it went in my newspaper!).

1. Getting Fit + Social Media + Blogging = Social Good. Okay, I’m out of shape. I want to get into shape. Let me tie that into helping out someone – and I think I can do it! I signed up to be an everyday athlete (look under how you can help). So here I am putting that out there — another thing to hold me accountable for!

2. Think Big – Keith Burtis wrote a blog about thinking big. So I’m putting together a list too (I love lists!). Put your list together and I’ll share them on my blog! If appropriate, they will go in the newspaper too. Either put them in a comment, or email them to Here is Keith’s list:

Blog List

Things I am thinking about writing about.

1. hairy legs — I feel the need to talk about why some women have hairy legs and why some don’t, Europe against U.S. views, skin care

2. Tribes: by Seth Godin Now if you’ve never heard of Seth Godin, get off your butt and investigate. This is Seth’s latest book, I’ve got it on order, and you should too. Visit his blog at: Let him change your life.

3. Thank you to all my political activist friends. I have volunteered for the Obama campaign for two years now. I have had the pleasure to work with some of the most amazing people! Their jobs are about to end. I plan to write about some of them and to thank them all.

Home List

1. Add wood guy to network page on That would be Keith Burtis (see above). If you wish to be added to my network list, send me an email at on who you are, what you do and why you want to network.

2. Send belated birthday card to Judy. I have this great box. It’s filled with all kinds of cards for all kinds of occassions. I go to yard sales and collect them. It’s doesn’t mean I’m good at mailing them though. I have a lot of blank cards and belated cards that get used frequently.

3. download music from emusic. I get 50 songs each month and I’m about 150 songs behind. I want to stop my account, but I don’t want to lose my songs!

4. watch 99 balloons on I did. I cried.

5. error codes 80246007 and 80070490 – okay, so two of my updates keep giving me these error codes. Either take the laptop into my guy, or someone will email me how to fix them (that is a subtle hint).

Work List

1. step up the plan for my home business

2. make some calls – everyday, consistently

3. send thank you to the boss you laid me off from my ‘day job’ right before Christmas

I transferred my next week list to the clean page. Ahh – deep breath, now I have some more room to write. To make more lists – for next week! I’ll be able to clean these lists up by Sunday!
Comments graciously accepted.