Five Stories – Session One

5 Stories -Session OneBecky McCray and I have started a series at Blab.  We are discussing five stories that address some viewpoint that can be used in some way, shape or form to help small towns.  Todays stories were:

  1. The State of Entrepreneurship in 2016: U.S. is on the Verge of an Entrepreneurial Boom – for the focus on clearing the way for small scale experiments.
  2. Small Businesses Do Well to Collaborate  The secret weapon of successful small town businesses: working together.
  3. Tyler, Texas, parking enforcement will now also “recommend restaurants, give change and talk about downtown events.”
  4. Doing online community engagement? Here are 5 offline ways to complement it
  5. Grain bin cabins! Great alternative to hotels for small towns

Here is the re-broadcasted Blab post!


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