Do What You Love

I went to a convention this week, Successful Outstanding Bloggers Conference, in Chicago.  I got up at 5:30 and went to bed at 11 – for six days.  It was non-stop learning, taking notes, talking to people, planning and being on the go.

You’d think I’d be tired.  That I would need a day or two off to ‘relax’.  
I don’t.  I actually feel energized.  I feel like I am doing the right things.  I’ve been planning and taking action.  I’m working with new people and participating in group joy! 
I’m doing what I love.  Writing, making sense of things, being with people, having conversations. Connecting people. 
How often are we out of sync?  Do you have days where you feel ‘blah’, where you’d like to sleep in, where you don’t want to go to work?  

I propose you find a way to do what you love.  Or you bring what you love into the equation of your day.  Why shouldn’t we all have HAPPY waking hours, doing what we love?  What could you be doing today, what small step could you take, to bring yourself closer to doing what you love?  
The picture is the lights at Fullerton Avenue on Lake Michigan.  It reminds me that even in the dark, we can look for the spark that lights us up………