Autumn: Feng Shui Tips To Harvest Your Abundant Rewards

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Summer’s a time of rapid growth and change. Perhaps you’re experiencing changes in your work, or in your relationships, health, creativity or spirituality, or perhaps you’ve had insights into something important to you. Maybe you even feel changes have been forced upon you.

Receiving the gifts these changes bring and having them make a lasting impact depends on how well you integrate and expand into them. It’s easy to carry on seeing yourself as you used to be, especially if you’ve made big changes.

Here are five strategies to tap into Autumn energy to expand into the new you and harvest the rewards of your summer energy.

1. Ask yourself what’s changed in your life over the last few months – big or small, inner or outer? Then, acknowledge yourself for stepping into the unknown. What have you learned? What feels exciting?

Take some time to journal about the new you – how it feels, what it means, what’s becoming more important to you? You might even want to create a vision board with words and images that reflect your changes. When you bring them into your consciousness, it grounds them

2. It’s Autumn: shed some leaves. With change, comes death. Could be a small part or a big part or yourself. If you’re feeling you haven’t quite integrated a change you’ve made, if you’re still seeing yourself as you were, light a candle and have a conversation with the old you. Thank her for everything she gave you and how she kept you safe. Say goodbye to her, and tell her what you’re moving on to. You can do the same with some aspect of yourself you’d like to say goodbye to.

Might sound a bit woo-woo but this works. By acknowleding and grieving the part of you that’s died, or the part of you you’re done with, you’re then able to embrace the new and integrate it into your life.

3. Change is an opportunity to expand: if you find yourself resisting a change because it feels out of your control, look for the gift in it. There always is one. If you can’t see it yet, assume it’s there and be open to finding it.

Have you heard the story about the little girl who was asked why she was digging in a pile of s**t? She responded with: “there just has to be a pony in here somewhere”.

Where’s your pony? If you find yourself resisting change because it’s scary to move into the unknown, make one small move towards it. When you take action the fear will lighten and you’ll be shown what’s next.

4. Where are you contracting? Take a look…’ve made changes in your life – are you expanding or contracting? For example: Are you keeping certain things for ‘best’? Underwear, dishes, candles, clothes? What are you denying yourself? How does that feel in your body?

Most women are wearing the wrong size bra, many are wearing what they affectionately call ‘granny pants’ and saving their sexy stuff for some far off day…. , many have their best candles and plates stored away for who knows what. No more!

It makes a huge difference to how you feel and how you see yourself when you treat yourself as you would a lover. Silky underwear, drinking water from a crystal glass, or wearing your good clothes while working in your home office – it makes a difference. Where are you contracting? Expand your energy and you’ll attract more of the same. You deserve the best!

5. Has your home changed to reflect the new you? When you make an inner shift you’ll often find yourself drawn to make a change in your environment. If your environment stays the same, that energy can hold you back where you used to be and make it difficult to integrate and sustain your new changes. Even moving the furniture a few inches will shift the energy, but perhaps it’s time to look at your home with fresh eyes. Imagine walking into your home for the first time – does it reflect who you are now?

When you surround yourself with colors and things that inspire you, you’re supported in moving forward into the new you. As you’re changing all the time, making changes in your environment can be a powerful ally.

Autumn is a good time to shed old ways of being that no longer reflect who you are. Put these strategies into action and you’ll fully embrace and integrate the changes you’ve been making and be rewarded by an abundant harvest.

I’d love to hear how you’re embracing your changes. Come on over to my blog and let me know.

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