American Legion Breakfast

Keith Kotenbeutal, Volunteer

A month ago I bought two $5 tickets to the American Legion Omelet breakfast today.

Today I was up early so I called my girlfriend Keri and asked if she wanted to go.

We went the American Legion Hall and these guys were ready for us!  It was an omelet bar with eggs (of course), ham, turkey, sausage, onions, peppers, and other interesting looking things.  The coffee was great, there was juice … and there were people.  Quite a few of them.

I wondered what they did with the money they collected.  This breakfast the money collected will go as prizes for a writing contest for 5th graders in the local school system.  They are to write an essay on the American Flag.  The winner will collect $100, second place will receive $50.  Any left over funds go into the coffer for future needs.

There are lots of older people there, and all of them volunteer.  A couple of young kids are helping break eggs, serve food and pour coffee.  Cory was there with his son and daughter and he said “You know, here in Franklin County we have to teach our kids  how to volunteer early.  Cause things don’t get done if we don’t do them.”

That’s the lesson of the day.