140 Wrap Up

It’s not the tangible things I learned last week that made such a big impression.

I loved hearing the stories from the 140 Character Conference Speakers – and you can listen to them here  or here .

I also enjoyed the conversations with the other speakers – Kevin Honeycutt has an idea I want to pursue with him about speaking. Greg Falcon and I exchanged ideas for pursuing local 140’s next year.  Sheila Scarborough made me laugh.  Everyone was simply great.

It was the intangible things that mattered so much more.   The camaraderie that occurred between the speakers made us all feel special.  The love in the room was thick.  My mom got to hear me speak.  Jeff gives really great hugs and makes me feel like a rock star.  Becky and Cody sharing what works for them – and why it can work for me.  These are things you can’t put ROI measurements on.


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