Deb Brown helps you solve your small town challenges

Need Help in Your Small Town?

Deb can address these common rural challenges with you. Services include keynotes, workshops, webinars and onsite visits.

Deb on a walking tour downtown

We have too many empty buildings.

Michael Hansen drone photographer

Our downtown needs help.

Deb and youth

Our youth are leaving.

IEDC workshop23

We can’t figure out good marketing and promotion for our small town.


People are stuck in the past.

empty lot

We need more businesses and better economic development.

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photo via IEDC
photo via IEDC

Working through the Idea Friendly Format at the International Economic Development Council Conference. SaveYour.Town presentations are interactive and engaging. The goal is for you to go home with ideas you can put into place right away!

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Watch video in this TEDx presentation by rural speaker and small town activist Deb Brown

Deb brings real-world practicality and common sense to help you create the kind of town you want.

Her programs on various small town challenges, what to do with empty buildings, better customer service, marketing and economic development in small towns, Innovative Rural Business Models, and Becoming an Idea Friendly Town have helped chambers, economic developers, tourism specialists, museum experts, business groups, and small town conferences.

Virtual get-togethers like webinars, Zoom conversations, even talking on the phone will bring you and your town into a working relationship with Deb. She speaks at conferences both local and national. Invite her for an onsite visits where she helps you find what you want in your town, and helps you create the kind of town you want.

Deb is also the co-founder of along with Becky McCray. They bring you practical advice on how to shape a brighter future for your small town. Sign up for the weekly newsletter that focuses on small town challenges. Become a Megaphone Member and have access to all their videos.

Grants and other resources

Is funding an obstacle? Take a look at the bottom of this page for ideas and grants you could implement!