• attachment-4Deb Brown is the real deal.  She speaks from the heart and lives what she speaks.  Deb is a wonderful authority and shares her hands-on experiences regarding small towns and making them thrive.  If you’re in a small town, you need to hear from Deb.  Leslie McClellan, Tourism Currents  


  • “Deb’s energy and passion for people and small business is evident in everything she does. From building momentum during a speaking event, to touring small towns, to her blog, she always has a fresh prospective and helpful, positive attitude.” Connie Larson, Milbank, SD Chamber of Commerce


  • I’ve brought in Deb Brown to speak at my events because I know she’ll share ideas that work for small towns and she’ll do it in a way that keeps people entertained and involved. I trust her enough to tap with last minute assignments and to adapt to what the audience needs most.  .. Becky McCray, organizer of small town 140 Conference


  • “I appreciated the very relaxed feel to the webinar.  No monotone drone that gets tuned out off and on throughout a session… I watched it twice as matter of fact.”     James Leonard, Town of Buffalo, Oklahoma 


  • “For all of us, it opened our eyes as to what we can do on a smaller scale,” Rosalie Meyers, Roscommon County Economic Development Corporation Coordinator, Michigan.


Midstates commentsKeynotes include:

  • MidStates Economic Development Conference
  • RuralX Summit
  • Western Area (United States) Chamber of Commerce Small Town
  • Stuart, Iowa Chamber Annual Dinner
  • Michigan Rural Economic Development Conference
  • Roscommon County, Michigan
  • Central Iowa Tourism
  • Milbank, South Dakota Chamber of Commerce

Presentations include:

  • TedX Brookings
  • Misfit Conf
  • 140 Character Conference Small Town 2010, 2011 and 2012 in Hutchinson, Kansas
  • 140 Character Conference/State of Now in New York 2011 and 2012

Additional presentations:

  • Western Iowa Tourism
  • Iowa Byways association
  • Iowa Museum Association
  • Southern Illinois Economic Development
  • Preserve Iowa Summit

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Deb Brown, Speaker

Schedule 2017

January 9, Monday, 5 to 7 pm
K’é – A Place to Grow Small Business
126 Main Street, Downtown Mesa, AZ
Downtown After Five: Bringing Life to Your Downtown After Hours
Open to small business owners, sponsored by Pamela Slim, free to attend

February 1, Wednesday, 11 am to 12:15 pm
Western Association of Chamber Executives
Marriott Los Angeles Airport
5855 West Century Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 95812
Small Chambers – They’re in a League of Their Own
Small chambers have their own unique challenges and opportunities. This workshop will discuss and explore how to evaluate the need to dump events holding you hostage, how to prove your relevance to the business community, how to jump into the larger arena of playing a bigger role in economic development, and how fun-sized chambers can enjoy a larger percentage of businesses as members. Presentation, panel discussion and roundtable formats will be utilized during the day.

February 22 and 23, 2016
Monroe County Economic Development Conference
WI Military Academy – Ft. McCoy, Wisconsin
Bringing More Life and Activity to Your Downtown After 5  on Wednesday
Creating A Successful Future for Your Town and Businesses on Thursday
Join Deb Brown as she shares ideas other communities have used to create a vibrant town and stories of successful small businesses and how they got that way.  The future is yours to decide and Deb will weave a tale of others who are creating vibrant futures right now.  Listen for ideas and suggestions you can take back to your own community and put into place right away.  There will be time for questions as well!

Sallisaw, Oklahoma
March 27-29
Embedded visit

March 30 and 31
Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Tulsa, OK
What Can I Do?
This session with be very much hands on, a sharing of ideas that work and a discussion of new ideas we can all try to grow our local businesses and work together. Takeaways: How to partner with local businesses so all parties win; Small steps your town can take towards growth; What Can I Do? – How to make your way of being resonant with the community.

April 5 and 6
Mid States Economic Development Conference
Marina Inn, South Sioux City, NE


April 19 and 20
Creating Entrepreneurial Communities (CEC) 

McCook, Nebraska

May 4
Mid-America Chamber Executives Conference
Innovative Rural Business Models
Sioux Falls, SD

June 6-8
Rural Arts and Culture Summit
The Role of Arts and Culture in Talent Attraction and Retention
Morris, Minnesota

June 8-10
Preserve Iowa Summit
Community Buy-In and Preservation
Fort Dodge, Iowa

June 27
Social Media Breakfast
Keynote: Idea Friendly Towns
Albert Lea, MN

July 18 and 19
Rural X Summit
Aberdeen, SD
Keynote Presentation and Closing

July 20
Empower! South Dakota
Faulkton, SD
Conversation in Action

  • Pending: Waseca, MN embedded community experience
  • Pending: Brady, TX embedded community experience
  • Pending: Akron, Iowa embedded community experience
  • Pending: forum and community visits, Tennessee, August 2017
  • Pending: community betterment conference, Missouri, October 2017
  • Pending: community visit, Pennsylvania, fall 2017
  • Pending: Main Street event, Oklahoma, fall 2017