What else do you want to know about me? I’m 61 years old, like dry red wines from Greece, like going to Greece even more than drinking their wine, spend a lot of time talking about small towns, tourism and the value to communities in promoting their everyday activities to outsiders, and am devoted to twitter and Facebook (most of the time).

shot of Deb Brown

I was was born and raised in Franklin County, Iowa.

Luther College educated me and I lived in Chicago for many years. My children and grandchildren are still in Chicago.

I’ve worked as an insurance underwriter, bartender, a retail management professional, salesperson, a teacher and a writer.

I returned home to Iowa to care for my elderly parents.

Much to my surprise, the Iowa I remembered was so much more than just a place to raise pigs. Iowa has a rich prairie heritage, is loaded with historical sites and treasures, welcoming neighbors and good old fashioned entrepreneurial spirit.

I’m a fan of the local business, supports non-profit organizations in my community and work hard to give back.

I bring a wealth of experience to the table because of the various industries I’ve worked in and I bring an unique outlook to your organization.

You can reach me at 641-580-0103, or visit Webster City!

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